Insurance work.

From storm damaged roofs, water and flood damage, fire damage, leak detection, building mainteneace and emergency repairs. We can help!


Koopmans has been carrying out insurance repair and restoration on behalf of home and business owners for over 20 years.


About Koopmans

Business to Business

Koopmans also offers a business to business service, providing a reliable and professional property maintenance and repair service to companies or individuals who own or manage any type of commerical or residential property in the north west.


Our services include roffing maintenance and repair, plumbing and heating repairs, electrical maintenance, window and door repairs, painting and decorating, leak locating and repair, building structural repair and alterations.



If your about to make a claim on your home or business insurance and need a quotation we can help.We also can take care of the paper work for you.


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Water and storm damage can be very costly repairs, we are here to help! all estimates are free and we are willing to deal with your insurance companies for you.